A fully inclusive world, where justic, peace, human didnity, freedom and care for the environment are promoted and sustained through women's leadership by Christian principles


We will reinforce leadership circumstance to women,girl and outreach to be skilled of justice,moral,ethic,peaceful,liberty,pride and environmental conservation by follow bible’s word
We will live our life to represent an honor of our God and his command which they have right to receive education, health, safeness,  career stability and happiness


Principles We Value

  • Follow the god command.
  • Drive the obligation with unity.
  • Realise and understand the diversity  emphasizing on patience and respectfulness.
  • Adhere to accountability and integrity.

Action We Values.

  • Encourage the young women to learn to make decision by   themselves.
  • Promote leadership skill to enhance women and youths status.
  • Provoke the young woman to be leader.
  • Preseve the environment.


The approaches to achieve the goal in parts of   culture, economics, politics, religion and righteousness for  the young women and  women are mentioned as follows.
  • Gather the work team  proceeding mission to achieve the goal from local to national and international level.
  • Promote the relationshiop between the group of members and external sponsors e.g. government  affair, private organization, ambassy, church and private corp. to execute the projectss and actibvities to achieve the result effectively .
  • Encourage the team to work together with faithfulness and emphaty without social stratum.
  • Make the peachful world by empahsizing on human right, health, addict, economics and justice.
  • Support the activities of church and chirstian org. to declare the god word both Thailand and aboard.
Develop the leaderships skill and decision making skill .
  • Recruit at least 10% of every group to train  the leadership build up the unity.
  • Encourage women  to devote themselves driving result to achieve vision and goal of the association.
  • Use the potentaility of association to promote the leadership skill to women both in country and abaord.
  • Promote the leasdership pattern realising the aspects of gender, human right and broaden vision.
The comprehension and modernzied member enhance the capability of association.
  • Strengthen and empower  the member and volunteer.
  • Promote the operation to achieve the best standard.
  • Enhance the operation capability to stabililize financial status and personnel.
  • Use the information technology effectively to create the cooperative interaction between association and other organizations.
  • Percieve the association's entity and create good perception to work for the association.
  • Reinforce the association's capbaility by copperation with other organizations with responsiveness  and continuity.
The mission support the church, christian organization to declare the god word.
  • Operate by following the god word.
  • Cooperate with christian organization to promote the god word.