Welcome to YWCA of Bangkok

We carry out the ministry for the children, the ladies and the underprivileged.
To honor the Lord through the ministries of the Association.


Day Camp

Day Camp Early Childhood use event format by organizing a variety of activities, children choose to work for their interests. By the time of the big circle. Let the children learn together. For children to learn. Personality training Decide on waiting for responsibility. Orderliness Respect for the right to friendship, sharing, etc.

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Junior Camp

On this semester, the left hemisphere relaxes with the right brain. With Camp Integration, Creative Development Enhance your English skills. Have fun with frogs, art activities in various fields, dance, dance and many other great activities for children to experience self-study. And group learning to live with others.

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YWCA International House

Good location downtown
With many amenities.

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