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This ministry provide preschool , child care and nursery by using Montessori curriculum which resulted children to beloved and feel love of Lord , self esteem, contribution and serve others. Children will follow best leader ever , God ,and in order to growth decently as much as they can learn through God’s word
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We host a youth activities in summer period ,in order to experienced life-skill for them ( Language, Public speaking, Art, Recreation, Sport, Environment contribution, and Thailand ‘s culture ). Day camp and upcountry camp including english camp will be arrange by considered best benefit for our youngster which have since 6 - 18 years old. We glad to be part of full-filling their growth and interested by most of parents
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We have many of membership activities , in order to repay our be blessed members and chance to get to know each other beside  participatation which is our goal such as bibile class and others work shop ( handicraft, gardening, exercise, outdoor education). Also indispensible activities like community service by visiting patient or victims ( cancer illness, elder tsunami diasters etc). Thank god for well cooperation, we received it as always.
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We run for donation or charity raising fund campaign frequently through many events and programs such as " Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali glorify 48 years old " ," International bazaar (By ambassador 's wife) ", Gala dinner " , "Fashion Show " . In order to sponsor our community service ministry which also including other association and HIV / AIDS patient and their family.
        Moreover, our funding result more impact than you even known. Whenever someone support or events or programs , it's mean you just do a big favor of charity and honor yourself by return goodness to our social ( bicycle award to outreach , Scholarship for good student but lack of support ) . Give a chance for yourself to be pride and peaceful in your mind by joining us here
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We carefully manage our asset to retrieve highest benefit but lowest risk which is a reason why we develop our international house rate charge to daily and monthly. Also arrange meeting room service and lease space for shop and office rental
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We provide schorlarship , Mother Support Project , to pourvety or outreacher from primary school to university by donation with more than 500 schorlarship per a year. We also arrange mother day party to let both donator and schorlarship student meet each other. Beside party day we arrange home visiting program frequently to follow up on student progress
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All of our activities will be base on evangelism principle by show exertion of love of Lord via support to disadvantage ,poor ,abuse victim for cheer them up and restore their spirit and lean on mercy of God. For example, Encouraging at Cancer Center , Chula Hosipital : Chronic illness child , HIV/ AIDS patient and student in The forster child care project , including occasionally exertion , X’mas and Father and Mother ‘s day
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  • Control and manage expenditure as much accurate and transparent as possible
  • Collect, retain and audit all financial route to be followed by our policy strictly
  • Retain our financial ability and calibrate to the most effective and capability.
  • Maintain our relationship with all parties whom relate to our financial activities
  • Represent our organization to attend seminar or any financial meeting
  • Be consultant for all department in our organization