YWCA Bangkok Junior Camp

On this semester, the left hemisphere relaxes with the right brain. With Camp Integration, Creative Development Enhance your English skills. Have fun with frogs, art activities in various fields, dance, dance and many other great activities for children to experience self-study. And group learning to live with others.
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PRE SCHOOL - Bangkok Sathorn

     Everyone agree how fundamental is  important. For Children in this age, is about start to learning the whole new world and of course if they gain goods enough basic , their future will be bright without a doubt.
     At our pre school mainly focus on education with suitable to their age. Moreover not only education can growth them decently , we teach and give love , care and understand in proper with self-respect ,capable to help each other but self dependence. lastly, they will learn to be positive and enjoy their live as the god's gift
     Applicant available for children with 2-6 years old : Montessori Course